Color, Condition and Revitalize with the ultimate color renewal mask in ten rich shades!

Riflessi offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy a bold or subtle color change without commitment or fear. Ideal for adding intensity or balancing tonality on natural or color treated hair.

Lasting up to 6 or 7 shampoos, Riflessi allows you to change and adjust the shade of your hair color.

If your hair color normally loses its salon-fresh tonality and shine between visits or you've exposed your color treated hair to damaging environmental or styling conditions, Riflessi will revitalize your color and restore optimum condition. Riflessi is ideal for very damaged hair that will not support permanent haircolor. It's special conditioning agents are specifically designed to repair and rebuild damaged and double processed hair. After 4 or 5 applications most hair will be restored sufficiently to support permanent color services.

10 perfectly balanced shades!
8 oz. bottles

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